Sustaining our future, guided by responsibility

At Pacific Waters, we are actively integrating sustainability and responsible business practices into our operations. Our environmental sustainability initiatives include emissions reduction, waste management, and spill prevention and response. From the social responsibility standpoint, we ensure well-being and health and safety of our employees and contractors and uphold human rights standards throughout the chain. We employ effective governance structures and risk management frameworks, and adhere to ethical standards and anti-corruption policies to ensure fair business conduct and maintain the trust of stakeholders.

We have developed a comprehensive set of policies and procedures and adopted certain measures to ensure alignment with ESG principles. We conduct regular ESG assessments on our potential partners and suppliers, participate in industry discussions and initiatives to promote best sustainability practices, and monitor and report ESG performance providing transparency to stakeholders and enabling continuous improvement.

  • Oil Trading and Sourcing

  • Oil and Petroleum Products Logistics and Transportation

  • Risk Management and Hedging

  • Market Analysis and Insights

  • Consultancy and Advisory